Monday, July 20, 2015

Strategy for making good money by typing captcha

If you want to earn money by typing captcha, you need to follow some tecnic. Otherwise you will not be able to earn more money. I told before to open 3 accounts for each captcha entry site. Add all account in software. Work 1st 10 days for kolotibablo only. You must work in three kolotibablo accounts. If server is very fast, you can work for 2 kolotibablo accounts. Kolotibablo gives 1 minute per every word. Megatypers gives only 15 seconds and Captchatypers gives 20 seconds for each captcha. So do not work for Megatypers and Captchatypers in starting. You can work for Megatypers and captcatypers if your typing skill is fast and you have experience in captcha typing. So work 1st some days for kolotibablo. Then you can work for Megatypers a nd Captcahtypers. All captcah sites pay high rate at night. So it is better to work at night and server is very fast also.
You can use 3 accounts from 3 captcah entry sites. If you find that any server is low, then you can stop it and open another account of another captcah entry site. Think that Kolotibablo and Megatypers are very fast but Captchatypers is slow. So stop working in Capthatypers account and open another account of Kolotibablo or Megatypers. If you follow this tecnic, you can earn $0.70-$1 per hour.

How to make money from Megatypers

Megaypers is the biggest captcah entry site. So if you want to make money by typing captcha, then you must work for this site. I told in the previous post to use perfect money account as payment processor in Megatypers.

Why you should use perfect money as payment method: You can open 3 USD account in one perfect money account. So you can use 3 accounts for 3 megatypers accounts. After getting payment, you can transfer all money in one account.  If you use another payment method, you can transfer money from one account only. You cannot transfer your 3 megatypers accounts money in one payment processor. So use perfect money in

Refferal System : Megatypers has refferal system. You can refer you friend or anyone you like. You will get 10% of their earnings. You can refer unlimited refferal. You will get refferal payment if your 5 refferals payout money. Otherwise you will not get referrals earnings.
How to refer : Sign in your megatypers account.Go to this option "Affiliate" and create some invitation code. If anyone sign up in using your invitation code, he/she will be your refferal. You can create 10 invitation code from 1 megatypers account.

How to work for : If you want to work for megatypers, then you must follow some rules. Otherwise your account will be suspended. You will get 15 seconds for each captcha. So your typing should be very fast. If you cannot type 5-10 captcha in a day, your account will be stopped for some hours. If this process continue for 3-4 for days, your account will be suspended permanently. You will lose your payment and account for this. So if you cannot type 4-5 days in a day, do not work for this account for that day. Stop working in this account and work for another account. If you make 15-20 wrong in a megatypers account, you also should stop working in this account and work for another account. Otherwise your account will be suspended.

Step by step guide for making money by typing captcha

Follow these steps to make money by typing captcha.
1. You need a good typing skill to make money by typing captcha
2. You have to sign up in different captcha entry sites
3. You have to download a software where you can work for different captcha entry site at a time.

Step 1 : You need a good typing skill to make money by captcha. If you cannot type well, then practise english typing for about 1 week. This will help you to work faster.

Step 2 : You will have to sign up in different captcha entry sites. Hare are the sites.

1. : It is one of the most popular captcha entry sites. Generlly it pays $0.30-0.70 per 1000 words. I suggest you to work at night. It pays $0.50-0.80 per 1000 words at night. So it is better not to work by day. Always try to work at night. Minimum payout is $1. You can transfer money in different bank account but it is better to transfer money in Webmoney. Transfer fee is very low for webmoney than other bank account. Sign up for three kolotibablo account using three different emails. For every captcha entry site you will have to create 3 different accounts. Because you can work for different account using the same software. : It is the biggest captcha entry site. It is availabel in the internet since 2008. It pays generally $0.45-$1. It pays high rate at night. It pays $0.80-$1 per 100 word at night.Minimum paytout is $3. If you can earn $3 before sunday, they will pay you automatically. Generally you will see your earnings on wednesday in your bank account. It has different payment method. It is better to use perfect money. : It is also a high paying captcah entry site. It pays $0.50-0.90 per 1000 word. You can transfer money when you reach $2.
How to sign up in Captchatypers: Here you will have to take a admin panel. You will have to send email to Captchaypers admin. Just write that you want to work and you need Id and password. They will send you Id and password. Actually you will get a admin panel Id and password. You can open many id in one admin panel account. It has differnet payment option. You can use any of this payment method.

Step 3 : Software download
You need to download a software for making money by typing captcha. There ara a lot of software in the web for this. I have used Vinacaptcaha software. Click here to download this software.
You will have to buy a serial key to work. Without buying serial key, you cannot use this software. It costs only $1 per month.Go to to buy serial key or click here for direct page link. You can use different payment method to buy serial key.

If you are using windows 7 operating system, then you have to install netframework 3.5 or netframework 4.5.
Click here for downloading netframework 3.5
or Click here for downloading netframework 4.5
After downloading any of this software, install it and restart your pc. Now you can open vinacaptcha software.
For windows 8 users, no need to install netframework 3.5 or 4.5.

How to use vinacaptcha software
After installing vinacaptcha software, click the "Active" button and put the serial key you bought. Before this see your computer time and date. If anything wrong, correct this and then put your serial key.

How to add captcha entry accounts in vinacaptcha software: Click "Add" button in vinacaptca software. Select captcha entry site name like megatypers, kolotibablo, captchatypers and put your username and password. Then click add button. Thus you can add all your account.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Online earning has become very popular all over the world. Many people are living their livelihood by making money online. Proper guideline is very important to make money from online. Most of the people cannot make money because of proper guideline. In this site i will describe how to make money from online from home. Most of the people try to make huge money in a short cut way. Actually it is not possible. If you want to make money from online, you need to work hard. You must have to spend time in online. You also need to know different kinds of work like typing, seo, web design, web development, graphic design etc. You can also make money by doing small task. In short you need proper guideline to make money from online.

Make money by typing captcha
 Anyone can make money by typing captcha. Only you need a good typing skill. If you can type english word and number, you can make money this way. Captha will come in a software frome different website and you will have to type these captcha. You wil get paid for this. It is not possible to make a lot of money by typing captcha. You can earn $0.70-$1 or more per hour. That means you can earn $3-4 dollar per day if you work 5-6 hours. Click here for details

Make money doing micro jobs

There are some website where you can make money doing small task like giving facebook like, blog commenting, giving sign up, watching videos, creating backlinking, visiting website etc. It has become popular all over the world mainly for the new comer who are trying to make money from online. It takes 1-30 minute to complete each task depending on the task and the payment is generally $0.5-$1 dollar.Here are some popular micro jobs sites